Siege Defender KS Expansion

Siege Defender KS Expansion

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The Siege Defender expansion features two new Castle Lords (the Matriarch and the Siege Defender) and a new Catacomb Lord (the Battle Robot). These can be used in Catacombs & Castles First Edition Boss Mode and in Catacombs 3E.

New heroes are featured for both Team Castle and Team Catacomb.

Team Castle:

  • Moss Faerie
  • Quardian
  • Squirrel Warrior

Team Catacomb:

  • Cursed Cultivator
  • Squirrel Warrior
  • Gelatinous Cube Hero
  • Gelatinous Bunny Hero

Expands: Catacombs & Castles (first edition) and Catacombs 3E

First Edition, First Printing

Language: English

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