Catacombs Third Edition (Third Printing) – Wood Pieces Only

Catacombs Third Edition (Third Printing) – Wood Pieces Only

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This is the full set of wood discs from the third printing of Catacombs Third Edition.

The Obstacle Cylinders are not included.

This set includes the following pieces:

Small Pieces

  • 1x Small Orange Piece
  • 8x Small White Pieces

Large Pieces

  • 2x Large Black Pieces
  • 5x Large Blue Pieces
  • 3x Large Gray Piece
  • 3x Large Green Pieces
  • 4x Large Orange Pieces
  • 1x Large Brown Piece
  • 3x Large Purple Pieces

Extra Small Pieces

  • 10x Extra Small Brown Pieces

Other Pieces

  • 1x Green Cube Piece (Gelatinous Cube)

Medium Pieces

  • 4x Medium Blue Pieces
  • 6x Medium Green Pieces
  • 10x Medium Gray Pieces
  • 8x Medium Orange Pieces
  • 6x Medium White Pieces
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Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 1 in

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